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Ordering an ADSl connection


Ordering an ADSl connection

It's a long story...

I ordered an ADSL connection two weeks ago.After a little confusion for a day or so caused by BT the status of my order was described as waiting for BT to do further testing followed by activation of the line by an engineer. It was said that this normally takes 7 to 10 days.

After about 10 days I sent a request to Force9 asking if there was any way to find out what BT were up to. I received an answer that BT had tested the line and reported that it would not support a 2Mb service. Unfortunately this had not been 'picked up' by Force9 and relayed back to me at the time. My reminder uncovered this and BT have now been asked to provide a 1 Mb service. Apparently there is no way to speed up BT and I am back at square one or somewhere pretty close.

There seem to be two problems here. The first was that Force9 did not act on the information from BT about the 2Mb service which delayed matters. Secondly you would think that BT would tell Force9 that 2Mb wasn't available but that they had provided a 1Mb service.

Has anyone else found similar problems.

Ordering ADSL

I've not had the same problem as you, however I have had problems with the feedback from Force9. I applied for ADSL 2 months ago and my line still hasn't been activated.

While I now don't believe that this is a problem with Force9, but rather BT, it was hard for me to be certain of this when tickets go unanswered and promises are broken.

On countless times i've asked to be kept up to date with the state of the ticket via the phone. While the customer support team are happy to say "Yes, we'll phone you back" they never do. Additionally, tickets which are actioned via the website appear to take upwards of four times as long as a phone call to them. When I do get a response on a ticket, the response is usually vague/made up/contradictory. It would appear that unless you actively pursue your ticket/account very little will happen.

Last time I phoned them I enquired about an offical complaints procedure, the response was "there isn't one".

While I'm not going to leave Force9 because of this, I'm very unhappy about the operation of the technical support team.

Not to worry, hopefully I'll get ADSL this weekend...