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Oops - accidentally downloaded 22GB!!!

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Oops - accidentally downloaded 22GB!!!

Been experimenting with Binary newsgroups, and found the program BNR (Binary news reaper)

Set it up last night, and left it to download headers from a large group starting at midnight last night. I had previously downloaded the headers into a trial copy of agent, and it had downloaded about 4GB of headers (ulp!)

This morning it was still going (Agent was slow as well), so I left it and went to work.

Checked VMBU at luchtime, and it said I had downloaded 22GB! Phoned home, and got mrs tc to shut down the program.

Just got home, and the 22Gb don't exist on my hard disk anywhere as far as I can see - although BNR confirms the 22Gb

Anyone any ideas what might have happend?
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Oops - accidentally downloaded 22GB!!!

What exactly did you tell it to download? If you told it to download headers, I assume it was only for specific groups you were subscribed to, if it was for all groups then that would explain it. But if it was for specific groups only, then it sounds like it downloaded bodies as well as headers because headers (even a lot) wouldnt take that much unless you have a huge number of busy groups subscribed. I've never used BNR though so I am guessing here, Im a NewsBin Pro user myself.