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Online gaming?


Online gaming?

Since my upgrade from 1Mb to 2MB, I have had nothing but trouble, frequently dropped connections etc...... and now I am getting ping rates in online games anything up to 275 resulting in constantly being kicked from servers, even my own clans' server!

Ticket has been raised, and before anyone tries to blame my equipment it has all been checked on advice of Plusnet support!

I have been with Plusnet for some time now, but I feel Plusnet is now going rapidly downhill and am considering moving to a new ISP....

I have had enough!!!!!!!!!!
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Online gaming?

Maybe it's the quality of your line... nothing to do with plus.netHuh

Online gaming?

I'm having the same problems myself tonight, got my 2MB upgrade at the weekend, now I'm getting a ping of 280 in games. Also after conducting some speed tests it seems to be nowhere near 2Mb usually below 1Mb and once below 512!!

anyone have any clues as to what is going on?

Online gaming?

jandem, if the problems have started since the regrade, it is probably the line not BT.

However, if you do a traceroute, are you going through AG2? Some people on ADSLGuide are saying it is causing high pings.

Online gaming?

Just did a traceroute :

2 170 ms 161 ms 144 ms []
3 185 ms 172 ms 157 ms []
4 278 ms 290 ms 294 ms []
5 306 ms 302 ms 298 ms []
6 282 ms 281 ms 280 ms []
7 303 ms 286 ms 291 ms []
8 289 ms 295 ms 300 ms []

Trace complete.

anyone know why ag2 is slowing things down?
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Online gaming?

I feel your pain guys. :x :x

Initial ticket raised 4 weeks tomorrow, 24th May.

Since upgrade to 2 meg, I get constant disconnections during the evening, pings jump between 20 and 250 constantly.

I've had 3 BT engineers visit, had over 5 hours work done and here I am tonight connecting at 56K because my modem won't even sync.

My problem is my line but trying to get BT to sort it is turning out to be a nightmare.

Latest from Plusnet was a message from BT saying they were escalating my problem to see if the gain can be increased. Good you might say, but it may be another 3 weeks before BT reply.

Getting p******d off is becoming an understatement now. I could be looking at a total of over 6 weeks for a virtually unusable connection in the evenings, and paying £22 a month for the privilege.

I hope you get your problems sorted out sooner.

Online gaming?

Same here -upgraded to 2Mb from 1Mb and got a shed load of problems - pings gone crazy, disconnects and connection speeds all over the show. These seem to stem from BT and PN. The BT side after doing the BT speedtest seems to be contention, ie BT couldn't give a fig. The PN side seems to be the pth-ag2 thing. Tonight that has been utterly terrible with dosconnects, massive pings and 512Kbps speeds. It is supoosed to be being killed off in the wee hours - one less problem. But I then have the BT capacity issue. My first reaction was to leave but maybe after July when BT has completed its upgrades at my exchabge things will be better. So, I will try to see it out until then.

Online gaming?

See this post clicky for details on our friendly router - should be resolved now I think.

Unfortunately if the issue is at BT's end it will remain if you switch ISP - I'd have thought.

I'd drop Plus.Net a ticket stating that you have had lower than expected service and you aren't happy paying for it. They are usually quite reasonable and may be able to reimburse you some of your money if you ask nicely.

Also I remember talk of the possibility of connections being dropped if you went for a higher speed connection and your line couldn't handle it - but there was also talk of being able to throttle your speed back to maintain a sensible connection - and since as I understand it a 2mb line won't give you better pings than a 512k line that may be the best solution if your problems are continuing. (not that I'm suggesting you throttle it all the way back to 512mb by any means!)

Hope some of that helps?