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Online Gaming Fan - connection is timing out?!?


Online Gaming Fan - connection is timing out?!?


I have been with PN for over a year now and play the Online game Dark Age of Camelot through my connection - this is a massive multiplayer online game where over a thousand people are on the same server at one time.

I used to have premier 2mb access and had no problem unless we had a large battle involving a few hundred players at once in which case the connection would crash consistently.

I recently downgraded to the BB+ which states upto 2mb connection, but now whenever I enter the game I have extremely slow framerates and crashes with lost connections - and this is only when I am logging into the game !

There is a performance monitor in the game which shows the connection to be red each time I log in - then after 30 seconds it changes to green, then if I move it changes to red again.
Also if I change game areas (enter or leave a city) the same happens again.

Now I pay a monthly subscription for the game and at present cannot utilise any of the game as if I tried to go player vs player with this I'd just crash and that would be the end of that!
Also cannot group with other players - the whole point of the game really - as I crash and that bugs other players connections as well.

When I play it is during the day - ie peak time, but this still should not be happening on a BB account.

Any advice on what is going on here? - don't say use off peak when no-one is around please! Sad

Online Gaming Fan - connection is timing out?!?

Sorry m8 can't help but if you're wanting to use a bit extra bandwidth the general consensus seems to be move isp.