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One `Big MAC` to go. please.


One `Big MAC` to go. please.

MAC requested and i`m off to `Z`

It`s taken me long enough to jump ship and although overall i have had a pretty good connection with PlusNet over the years, ive just lost faith in the direction +net are going.
Quite frankly i am not happy at the prospect of having to constantly watch for changes and more and more restrictions in the product I originally signed up for and yet miraculously still fall within the T&C`s.
Another big issue for me is the new MAX products. When Plusnet first offered the promise of new speeds well over a year ago, it was obviously clever marketing and probably brought in countless new business, but the fact that those members who paid extra to be in front of the queue has for me turned into a really sore point. Also the treatment of long serving cutomers in the wait for max speeds has been appauling.
I refuse to beleive that Plusnet, who have had around 18 months to plan and implement the changes, are still blaming BT for all the problems, surely a BT customer such as Plusnet must have enough financial muscle to have demanded a solid business plan from BT regarding MAXDSL conception thru the trial stages and finally going live. And therefore Plusnet would have been able to give it`s customers a proper plan of action. Instead of the complete mess we`ve all seen.
And yes i do understand that the bottom line is - drag it on for as long as possible = less bandwidth consumed by a bigger customer base = more profit.

Well anyway, all the above combined with recent and more frequent hiccups in the service has forced me to look elsewhere.

Re: One `Big MAC` to go. please.

MAC requested and i`m off to `Z`

You are in for a shock, everything is so much faster, god help us when BT remove their finger with the MAXDSL problems ;-)

One `Big MAC` to go. please.

Mac Request submitted 2006-04-28 10:25:16
Mac received 2006-04-28 .11:29:16
I cant put my finger on it but there seems to a definate policy to issue MAC codes asap. Perhaps we`re regarded as negative and undesirables.

I have now signed up with `Z`
Thank you Plusnet for an overall good connection over the years, but it must say something that i`m not prepared to wait an unknown amount of time to join in on the new broadband speeds, and have also become disillusioned with recent developments.

Final Assessment, taking all my time here into account :

Connection - 8 out of 10 - Would have been 10/10 if not for last few months
Contention - 7/10 - too many unknown factors as to why pages don`t load and bad speeds. Especiallly since Ellacoyas have been in place.
Referrals - 3/10 - come on 0.50p per referral - it`s a joke. People would refer family and friends to something they thought worthwhile. 0.50p is not helping anyone. Recent Plusnet performance will show a major drop in referalls.
Customer Service - 5/10 - ok i have also been guilty of just accepting how good or how bad things are running, but the few times i have contacted CS i have never come away thinking, WOW they really do care about their customers.
New Products - 2/10 - Of course the price drops were very welcome but low score due to the constant product changes/refresh. It seems Plusnet are constanty experimenting with different broadband categories and keep trying to re-configure them for maximum profit. The constant changes have left the customer base in confusion.
Bandwidth Restrictions - 3/10 - Back in the day when it truely was unlimited there were far less reported problems. I dont buy into the `QoS has forced us to restrict usage`. This was suppose to be taken care of with exchange contention," Where plusnet lead others follow " This is a bandwagon ISP`s have jumped on to as a means of making more profit. Nah the whole restriction fiasco Stinks.
Plusnet Staff on the Forums - 6/10 - A very difficult job for the staff to keep on top of, with cross-linked references, constant post content scrutiny and some rude comments to deal with, it cant be easy. However there have been cases of staff contradicting one another and being on a completely different wavelength to the crew who answer the phones. In effect too many reply`s have a `sales pitch` element that everything is hunky dory within the camp. There have been far too many issues glosed over and questions put to Staff completely ignored.
I think the newer frontline staff are faring better.

Score 34/70 ( in my humble opinion)

One `Big MAC` to go. please.

I got mine very quick as well. Signed up for my new ISP on the 21st so hopefully should be leaving in the next few days.