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Ok I am now totally confused now


Ok I am now totally confused now

I have had my MaxDSL ugrade for almost a fortnight..... albeit a little late due to my "legacy" account being overlooked.I was paying £29.99 so naturally assumed that according to the blurb recieved that I would automatically be moved onto the "Premier 2 Option" also at £29.99 so did not worry too much about it.

But I was curious as to when I could expect my "VMU" to be updated to the new one,so I submited a ticket/question thinking that perhaps the answer was going to be something simple like I would have to wait till my next billing date.Again not a problem as that is only a few days away.the reply to that question was as follows

Dear Mr ****** 5:33am, Monday 15th May 2006

At this point we have two choices. We can either raise this internally to be corrected, or move you onto Broadband Premier Option 2.

This provides the same level service you are currently on, for the same price. This will also provide access right away to the new VMBU.

If not doing this, we can raise this as an internal problem. As these are being done one a one-by-one basis, we cannot provide a tiemframe foir when the change will complete this way.

Please advise how you wish to proceed.

As I thought I was already on "Broadband Premier Option 2." I replied saying "ok move me "Broadband Premier Option 2." which was all completed complete with shiny new "VMU" when I got home from work so I thought nothing about it.However a hunt through the last few closed questions I found this.

6:20am, Monday 15th May 2006

Account has been upgraded using the cheque payment method.

Have I actually got to pay to be moved from a £29.99 account to another £29.99 account.Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what has actually happened especially as on my new "VMU" it has been reset to zero whereas I had used 8Gig up till that point and am wondering if my billing date would have been changed as on the "VMU" it shows the billing period as 30 Mar - 15 May whereas on the Portal it still show my next bill as being due on 22/05/2006. is this normal or is the difference between the 15th and 22nd the time for Plusnet to process things.

And for me the icing on the cake was after having MaxDSL for almost a fortnight now I recieved a very nice letter from Plusnet stating

Dear Mr *** *******

This is an email from PlusNet to let you know about changes to your
product, as announced in our recent newsletter.

Your ADSL Home 1Mb - Router Starter Pack (No activation fee, Deferred
hardware cost) product is now known as PlusNet Broadband Premier Option 2
(Monthly Contract, 1 Port Router Modem).

We'll also automatically upgrade you to up to 8Mb broadband - this should
take place over the coming months. Once done, we'll email you again to
confirm the good news and let you know some important details about
high-speed broadband.

So can someone tell me if Plusnet do anything at all in an uncomplicated and simple to understand manner? Does all that typing and emails from Plusnet employees tell me that nothing really has changed other than my "VMU" and would it not have been simpler for somebody to go into my account detalis and exchange "ADSL Home 1Mb - Router Starter Pack (No activation fee, Deferred hardware cost)" to "PlusNet Broadband Premier Option 2" which is what I thought was going to happen...... If I'd known that it was going to cause all this agro I would have stayed with the old style "VMU"

And what on earth is "Components added: Included spam/virus bundle, Generic Surf." which apperently without even knowing what it was and that I had it
Services deactivation - Antivirus 6:20am, Monday 15th May 2006

Username: sunhouse

Online Antivirus protection has been deactivated via the Services Manager by the user.

Kind regards,

Customer Support

and I cannot wait to see what I am going to be upgraded to in the coming months :-) given that I am already on "up to 8Meg"

So how many different departments were involved in getting me the new "VMU" and did they actually talk to each other?
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Ok I am now totally confused now


Most of the above is automated. The email you received is triggered by the change of account type, which would have happened anyway this week. Smiley This also explains why it says you will receive an 8MB upgrade in the near future.

Antivirus and spam are included features in newer accounts, which is why they were added. However they are off by default (hence the ticket saying they had been deactivated). You can activate these via the portal if you wish.

Ok I am now totally confused now

Thanks Mand

So can I sleep easy tonight then knowing the change of account name is not going to cost me anything and my billing date will remain the same.As that is really all I want to try and glean from all those communications from Plusnet.

Once again thanks