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Offline more than a week!


Offline more than a week!

I've about had enough with this crap!

My internet connection went off last Monday, 10th April. I tried repeatedly to get through to technical support but couldn't/wouldn't wait 50 minutes for someone to answer at a reasonable hour of the day. So I phoned at 4am on Friday morning and got through.

They tried a few things then said the line would need to be tested, probably on Saturday. They said they would phone me on my mobile and leave a message to let me know what was going on. They didn't!

So I phoned again on Monday, and and after 25 minutes spoke to some absolute f*ckwit with a serious attitude problem. Couldn't (or wouldn't ) tell me what the problem was, but did say I was the only person with this particular problem. He had no idea what would happen next or how long anything might take. When I asked how I was supposed to find out anything he said "check your tickets in the portal". But I have no internet connection said I. "Oh" said f*ckwit "you'll have to phone back again then! And you know what this tw*t put in my portal (I managed to get access from the hotel I'm in at the moment)? "Customer called for an update".

Yes, I called for an update but I didn't bloody get one Evil

So I'm still waiting for the fault to be fixed, and some explanation of what has actually gone wrong. I am also furious that even though I pay PlusNet for my broadband which I cannot use because of an error on their part, I am paying them again via a modem dial-up so I at least have some internet access at home.

To say I am p*ssed off with PlusNet would be the understatement of the year, and as soon as I possibly can I'm off to someone else.

Up Your A*se PlusNet!!!!!! Evil Evil Evil

Offline more than a week!

I feel much the same if thats any consolation. I do have a mac key, i just cant use it.

Offline more than a week!

The ticket system is a complete waste of time. I'd gladly pay more for my BB if there was better support.
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Offline more than a week!

Over the past 5 weeks, I have lost my connection twice.

On the first occasion, the fault was with the BT line and took a few days to resolve, but I had no problems with PlusNet - they answered all queries without any problem (if you don't want to queue, ring in the early hours).

On the second occasion, the connection was restored in less than 24 hours (even though I left it several hours to report (2am) to ensure I got through to CS quickly).

Calling someone a f*ckwit or a tw*t on a public forunm is not going to get you anywhere - unless you are leaving anyway. I wouldn't blame PlusNet if they refuse to deal with you!

Offline more than a week!

Do you not see that it's a sad state of affairs that you have to stay up till 2am to report a fault on your internet connection?

In the real world people are asleep, in the real word you have to wait an hour to spear to a csr, in the real world people are working so can't spend an hour on the phone, in the real world people are told to raise a ticket, in the real world we have to deal with f*ckwits and tw*ts.
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Offline more than a week!

in the real world we have to deal with f*ckwits and tw*ts.

So true - sometimes we have to deal with people like you.
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Offline more than a week!


I may be a f*ckwit and a tw*t, but at least you dont have to pay me upwards of £15 / month to find that out.

Offline more than a week!

And then another 50 quid to sign up with another one.