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Odd bandwidth usages stats


Odd bandwidth usages stats

Hi PPl.

Basically i just noticed some odd usage on my account. These results are from Tues when i had nothing connectec to the internet apart from a dg835g router.

Tues 25

63mb of failed inbound connections /port scans seems rather high.

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Odd bandwidth usages stats

Have you considered that some person/s unknown might be hitching a lift on your wireless router?

Ours is well encrypted
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Odd bandwidth usages stats


An insecure wireless connection is certainly possible. I've seen it before where two neighbours buy the same sort of router and one of the logs onto the other's router by mistake because they have the same SSID for example.

If not that, there will be some ATM overhead and random pings, probes and background noise. 62MB does sound a lot for just this, so could you have been hosting any games or using P2P in the day or two before. Sometimes people will continue to connect to you for a day or so afterwards. I occassionally host Unreal Tournament and I'll see in my firewall people trying to connect to the server after I've closed it down.

Not sure if alone this'll add up to 62MB but it might ring a bell or two as to what could make up that traffic.

Odd bandwidth usages stats

I recommend you secure your Wireless network with PSK-AES. Or WPA2 if possible. Wink


IT is secure
just turned on all the logging syslod running now and enabled snmp to see what kinda info i can get out of this box.


Odd bandwidth usages stats

Did U have MSN MEssenger logged in by any chance? I've had days with zero activity when I have been away for a weekend yet the PN VMBU shows activity. It was all down to Messenger exchanging info. Funny but I never thought that could be 70 odd Mb.... but PN tool cannot lie can it!! Wink