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Obsolete product (ADSL Home) regrade


Obsolete product (ADSL Home) regrade

I've been with F9 for many years (since 199Cool, originally on dialup and since 2003 on broadband, using the ADSL Home 512 package which is £21.99 per month. This is fine, I've never had any major problems with it, and never seen any real point in changing to a newer product as I'd get almost identical features for the same price.

However it would be nice to have faster speeds if they're available. I'm pretty sure my exchange and DSLAM have been upgraded to 2MB, and I was just wondering how I can take advantage of that. If I go through the "upgrade" route on the portal it wants to charge me to upgrade to a product that is to all intents and purposes identical to what I currently get.

So is there any way that I -- an F9 customer since the very earliest days -- can get upgraded to a faster DSL connection? Or do I have to resign myself to being penalised for my loyalty, compared to newer ADSL customers who are getting the higher speeds automatically?

Many thanks F9 people, and don't think I'm having a major gripe -- your service in general is unsurpassable for the price!


Upgrading from ADSL Home to F9 Premier 2MB's Ivan

Hello Iain,

Like yourself I've been a long standing Force9 customer I started on a basic bronze dialup account and then move up to broadband with a Self Install 512K ADSL Home product (old product now). I've been very happy indeed with my broadband service but like you wanted to move up to faster speed/s.

**I was paying the same monthly fee as yourself £21.99 for my service at 512K now the there is a slightly more complex situation for yourself. You have as far as I can see x2 choices. Sit tight at the moment and wait for the Free bulk BT upgrades to 2MB which you may have already or you may have to wait while paint dries for BT To finally upgrade your exchange then you'll get the 2MB fee but could still take ages as BT are notorious for promises & deadlines slipping badly. Like first it will be done in August now its October etc.

OR, the second choice is you can pay a one off fee I was charged £14.99 for the move to the F9 Broadband Premier service (so changed account type & speed from 512K to 2MB's in one step) as this was a paid for process its done very fast and I had my 2MB service up and working in 24hrs although F9 did say it could take 7-10 days but generally it's quicker (its a warning though just in case it does take longer) it varies I think in some cases but might depend on location I think. Generally these upgardes ARE much faster.

**All I can tell you is that its been the best £14.99 I've spent in ages, 2MB service on premier is a sheer delight :lol: worth every penny spent. Highly recommended if your cheque book can stetch to that.

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Obsolete product (ADSL Home) regrade

Ha! Just rebooted my ADSL router and whaddya know ... 2MB ADSL Cheesy

No longer do I have to wait for my wife to stop Skype-ing her family in the US before starting a download or something. Excellent Smiley