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Notice required for cancellation

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Notice required for cancellation

There have been several posts of late about "is it 30 days" or "30 days from next billing date". But a recent PNUG post (,3007.0.html) highlighted that customers with business accounts are on annual contracts which need 30 days notice before the end of the contract year or they roll over for a further twelve months.
Assuming this is correct, does anyone know where this leaves customers who sign up to a Teleworker service. Teleworker is advertised by PN under both the Residential and Business headings!

And - to confuse matters - if I go to the Business page and hit Legal in the footer, there appears a lengthy T&Cs section containing the statement:

23. Ending this Agreement
23.1 This Agreement can be ended by:
23.1.2 you giving one month's notice to us.

Can anyone clarify pls?

The PNUG post quoted the T&C statements:
"Business Customers enter into a 12 month contract"
"At the end of your contract period, if you do not tell us that you wish to cancel we will automatically renew your contract. Your cancellation request must be given 30 days prior to your contract end date"

So which T&Cs are which pls?
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