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Notice of account use requirement (for subscription-free acc


Notice of account use requirement (for subscription-free acc

Dear Customer,

As part of our commitment and focus on quality customer service, we would like to remind customers that as standard practice we do not keep open indefinitely, subscription-free accounts that remain unused.

Please note that if you do not use your PlusNet account at all for any consecutive 3-month period, we will assume that you do not wish to continue using our services and deactivate your account with us. This means that you should do any one of the following regularly in order to show us that you are using your account.

* Connect to your e-mail,
* Upload to your Web space,
* Log in to the Portal or,
* Simply dial up using your username and password.

This requirement to use your account in order that it remain active is subject to Terms and Conditions.

Section 9 of our Terms and Conditions states:

“Certain of the Service(s) we provide to you are on a subscription-free basis. You are required to show us that you are using such subscription-free Service(s) in order to continue receiving the Service(s) from us. If you do not show to us that you are using the subscription-free Service(s) for any consecutive period of 3 months, we shall be entitled to terminate our contract with you. For the purposes of this paragraph, use of the Service is defined as any one of the following collection of e-mail addressed to your account, the upload of any file to the Web space of your account, dial in access to your account or logging in to the Portal Web site at with your account details.”

If your account is suspended, we will keep the contents of your mailbox(es) and webspace for a period of one month before permanent deletion. Your account can be re-instated during that time by contacting us on 0845 140 0200 - we’re here to answer any questions you may have, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and calls are charged at local rates.

Please do note that this requirement applies only to PlusNet accounts that do not require subscription payment.


PlusNet Customer Services
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RE: Notice of account use requirement (for subscription-free

Also nailed to the fence post just outside....

I agree that a formal notice needs to be made but just here, does that suffice?

Better than Spring, much less vigorous than the marketing that pre-ceded it.

Rock and hard place come to mind, however had Spring events not taken place I would be les critical (loadsa energy to sell us an account, nil energy, nil notice to make it unusable),

regards to all,
hope this helps (TM Ben),

RE: Notice of account use requirement (for subscription-free

Dear David,

As has been said previously this has and still is being considered. However the number of accounts that come inside the said bracket is a large amount, and notifying each user would be a mammoth task in it's own right. Rest assured however that this option is being considered.

Kind Regards

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RE: Notice of account use requirement (for subscription-free

Now where was it?

Formal Notice of termination of +N......

Saw it somewhere, you had 14 days to phone some number or the zorgs will be coming............