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Not really understanding "catch all" to remove spa


Not really understanding "catch all" to remove spa

I have had a plusnet account for a while now. I have been receiving tons of spam and have been looking forward to the changes proposed. In reading up on how to prevent it with the new system it talks about turning the "catch all" off. I don't quite get it.

I have four VALID email addresses plus postmaster. (default account) current "catch all"

Question 1:
If I add a new email address and make that the "catch all", does that mean that ALL email NOT addressed to smith,tom,dick,harry and postmaster will go into a blackhole - that is never to be retrieved? If so, fine by me.

Question 2:
Reading the forums, some people use their mailboxes to track who is giving away their email addresses, like when shopping at dixons, giving them and seeing what gets mailed to that address. I like that idea. How would I incorporate that into the catch all system listed above in question 1. Would I have to add an email box and set up an outlook account to download it always, or would I set up an "alias" from to which I already download from outlook?

Thanks. Looking forward to receiving alot less spam.
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Not really understanding "catch all" to remove spa

The way that your current catch all works is that it accepts emails addresses to

The majority of these emails may be spam addressed to xyz@.. or 123@... and not actually addresses that you use.

By setting up additional mailboxes for the addresses that you use i.e tom, dick and harry you are effectively making the current catch all account redundant as it should only be receiving emails to addresses you don't use.

By turning this off you will no longer receive emails addressed to anything@ and only get emails addressed to your mailboxes.

With regards to setting up addresses such as dixons@ an alias from one of your existing mailboxes should do the trick.