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Not really the answerI was looking for


Not really the answerI was looking for

I am a little dissapointed with the response I got from plusnet. See below
As you are supplying the product you should be able to support it.
I look forward to a full answer soon.

SpeedTouch 716 WL
Can you tell me will this handle multiple static IP addresses?
I have 2 addresses with my account and would like to know if this router will be able to route both of them or even better more.
Thanks in advance



The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Mr Preece,
To find this out you will have to either visit the manufacturers website or contact them directly.



[Moderator's note by Mark (pcsni): Please do not post support agents names in the forums. It is against the rules.]

Not really the answerI was looking for

Unfortunately Plus Net support cant provide help and support for the multitude of hardware that is available. Its just not practical.

As such the agents answer was correct.

The manufacturers support service is the best place to ask that question or failing that some of the helpful people on the boards may have the answer.
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Not really the answerI was looking for

However, Plusnet actually supply this hardware themselves. And should be able to advise on it's features / integration with Plusnet service if they're trying to sell it.

If anyone has this router, can you advise if it will or not

Well if anyone knows if it will support 2 or more static IP addresses please let me know.

As a reseller of the product you should have at least one in your test labs and be able to test it out for your customers.

It would not be hard to set up and give us some feedback.


Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Not really the answerI was looking for


The answer is that it does support IP blocks, Ben checked this with the manufacturers a week or two ago. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly how it is done, only that there is a configuration file on the CD. Ben's back in on Saturday and can probably give more details than I can then.

Thanks for the update look forward to Bens confirmation

Thanks for the confirmation. I will go ahead on your reccomendation and purchase one of these routers.

I look forward to more info regards the multiple IP blocks.


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Not really the answerI was looking for

I think Dave's confused me and Bob again :roll:

As far as I know Bob's in tommorrow, it might be worth PM'ing him, his username is bobpullen.

Got the router

I have the router now, getting plustalk configured was very quick and simple.
managed to get the dmz to work, but can not figure out ...yet... how to get the other public address assigned.

by the way dsl warehouse diliver the router next day for under 70 squid

not bad at all eh. :lol:

I got this working. and plusnet assigned me 8 IP addresses

Happy days ! I will send you in some screen shots and a bit of text, maybe you can add this to the site. Its so easy when you know how.

one happy customer with 8 IP's