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Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?


Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?

Three weeks ago I ordered Small Business ADSL from PN based on their product range stating 'up to 8mb'. This was ordered, and installed on a BT line that has never had ADSL on it.

When it was activated it has only been put on the 'old' max 2mb/288kB service and NOT on the MAXDsl (up to 8mb) as advertised.

On 19/6 I contacted PN and was advised to complete a question ticket, which was added to by CSC but has been in limbo since.

Today I spoke to CSC and have been advised that only way to get what I originally ordered is to go to the web link to say I would like to move to MAXDsl, but that this takes about 2 months.

Can PN advise how this can be justified please - could this be construed as mis-selling / mis-representation ?

yours totally confused

Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?

I would add a comment like "any updates on this?" to your ticket, if the last action was by CSC. They automatically close at around the 14 day mark - which is about now.
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Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?

Technically it is what you ordered, its still an up to 8mb which is how they can wriggle out of it, Unfortunalty it will be a combination of mess ups with PN and BT, even more unfortunate due the amount of problems BT are having with MaxDSL, Pn have had to suspend all upgrades to MaxDSL as of today.

Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?

Actually, I've checked the page regarding the small business adsl that the op signed up to. When it comes to the speed, there is an asterisk - under the box it says:
The actual speed you receive depends on a number of factors such as the length of your phone line to your local telephone exchange and the condition of your line. We will provide you with broadband at the fastest speed possible up to 8Mb.

Plusnet are saying that the product will be on the fastest speed possible for that line, so if MaxDSL (or 8Mbps LLU) is possible, then MaxDSL it should be!

That page is located here

Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?

Hi there fairdinkum / strathbungo1 - MANY thanks for your comments and input, very much appreciated.

When I logged in today to check emails as well as the notification you guys had commented there was one from CSC timed 5pm Sunday 2nd to say that a manual request has been submitted to BT to rectify the problem, with a closure of Tuesday 4th so - watch this space, looking better !

cheers m8's

Not got what I ordered - can PN advise ?

Eureka !

Just an update - have just checked the router and have been switched to MAXDsl - AND getting FULL speeds both u/l and d/l

Thanks to all concerned