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Not good enough

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Registered: 14-08-2007

Not good enough

Just taken this from Customer Support Statistics (Real-time call statistics
10/05/2006 17:52:01)

"Maintaining high-quality customer support is extremely important to us, as these statistics show.

Calls to the Customer Support Centre

Calls waiting 17
Longest call waiting 00:48:05
Average answer time 00:19:52
Updates every 30 seconds.

The volume of calls to the Customer Support Centre varies at different times of the day. We use this information to ensure we have enough support staff at all times."

I'm sorrry but if you consider nearly 50 minutes to answer some calls, and an average of nearly 20 minutes to answer calls as "high-quality customer support" and having "enough support staff at all times" then I'm with the wrong ISP. Couple this with further recent restrictions to accounts (insultingly packaged as upgrades!) the VMBU fiasco and nearly two weeks (and counting) of being unable to provide a basic, reliable email service and it paints a picture of complacency, incompetence and complete disregard for providing customers with any sort of satisfactory level of service.
There was no update to the email problems that was scheduled for 12:30 today - they have completely lost my trust and if it continues will lose my custom.

Not good enough

I think it should be noted that the average is worked out for a period of 24 hours.
So if you consider that around midnight very few calls are made etc up until say 6, you can imagine how that affects the average statistics.