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Not fit for purpose!


Not fit for purpose!

Now again I am without a connection

problems since 11th of April, with constant disconnects 3-4 times a day down for hours.

my sync speed dropped to 189 yesterday with a SNR of 30.
So there is plenty of signal there.

Dave Tomlinson made a change to my profile yesterday evening and since then I have had nothing!
Raise a ticket, get the usual garbage about check this cheack that. or BT will charge me. Do they not think I have tried that.
If they look at my ticket history they will see there IS a problem.

As they seem to take my money each month, but do not provide a service. This constitutes as THEFT.

So either PN fix my problem or Terminate my contract with immediete effect and refund the money I have paid since the 11th of April. I have no choice but to consult a solicitor.
I would rather blow my money on that, than let PN get away with this shoddy service they attempt to provide!
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Not fit for purpose!

Do you need to keep starting new threads, if you want people to see/read the history of your problems it is easier to use just one thread.


Not fit for purpose!

I'm having the same problem too. I just get messages telling me to pay £72 cancellation fee. £72 for what exactly when I can't even use the service (I'm typing this while at work). You can't speak to anyone, as the phone service tells you how you can do everything on the internet - no good when you can't even get a connection.
Frustrated is not the word.

Not fit for purpose!

Chances are that the £72 you refer to is in lieu of deferred activation and hardware fees.

An example of how the fees could be calculated is:
Assuming you have been with PN for more than 12 months, but less than 24 months:

(£47 * 0.80) + (£25 * 0.80) + (£14.99)


Assuming that you have deferred a £47 activation fee.
Assuming that you have deffered a £25 hardware fee.
Assuming you are paying £14.99 per month subs. (30 days notice)

You can adjust the figures/calculations to suit if your situation is different.

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