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Not Happy With 512K Service!!!!


Not Happy With 512K Service!!!!

Sad I have been with PN since Nov 2002 and have problems with lack of connectivity and drops during connection . Some of this was due to a crappy DLink router which I have since changed to an LINKSYS Wireless ADSL router.

Things were'nt going too badly for a short period of time and then I had problems with quite a few web sites not being reachable. Apparently , someone had changed the MTU size and something else . I eventually got a fix from some very kind people on this forum and some help from one of the support staff. Not all the support staff are as helpful ,as one of them tried to treat me like an idiot. Not very impressed!!!! I am a bit concerned that I am not able to use webmail as it is taking so long to load and also just trying to get the PN homepage to display. Also , time taken to get into this forum. As I am on 512K ( Home Surf) with poor connectivity -- what's it going to be like when they eventually upgrade me to 2Mb? I put in a post a day or so ago , with no response about the Basingstoke exchange with VP problems - to which they since rectified , but I am still having above problems eg:- webmail and everthing else running slowly.

PN --- I hope you will reply to this post and can help me out Huh? I don't really want to change ISP , but over the the years I have been with you , I have'nt had a very satisfactory connection. There was I thinking that ADSL was supposed to be always on and faster than 56K dialup. Silly me.