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Norton update stopping email


Norton update stopping email

I used LiveUpdate on Norton Internet Security (2005) yesterday and then found my email wouldn't connect. Called PN support, they told me that PN's servers were all OK and the problem was with a Norton Internet Security update, and advised me I would need a complete re-install of NIS to solve the problem. Since this would be a real pain in the rear, I looked for an alternative on Google.

The PCAdvisor forums already have a thread on the issue, with a link to a Symantec solution. All that's needed to restore the connection is to open NIS, go to the Personal Firewall tab, click on Configure, click on Trusted and add the and addresses to the trusted sites list. It seems the Norton Live Update resets the trusted sites list in Personal Firewall by mistake. I now have up to date NIS 2005 and Outlook works fine, without a re-install. PNs 'help' was not very helpful.

In case it helps other users, the Symantec link is

Norton update stopping email

Glad you got sorted.

Unfortunately the CSC can not provide support for antivirus and security solutions. it would be nearly impossible to keep up to date with all the possible problems and fixes. AV and firewall issues cause the CSC a mountain of work and ultimately it is up to the manufacturer of these products to provide support.

Norton products are notorious for giving grief but at least you have got this one sorted.

Norton update stopping email

I had the same problem, i removed Microsoft Outlook Express from norton personal firewall/configure/program control then did a restart and norton created permissions again, simple.

Norton update stopping email

I have the same problem I will now go and investigate NIS.

Norton update stopping email

That's cracked it. Excellent thank you for your earlier post.
I've been checking the support pages hoping the email light would go RED.
But no luck.

It's a shame NIS doesn't have a screen telling what changes they are making.

I've been without Outlook email for the last 24 hours!!!!


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Norton update stopping email

From my experience, you're fortunate that this is the only problem that NIS has given you.

I used NIS for three years, and at least twice, they issued liveupdates that knackered browsing completely, and then denied for a fortnight that they;'d done so. Eventually, they issued a further liveupdate that cured it, but I and others wasted many hours looking for solutions before discovering that the only way was to reload NIS and run all the updates but that one.

To avoid all this, I changed from NIS to the free AVG antivirus and ZoneAlarm.
Both have given not a moment's trouble and are less intrusive and easier to use than NIS. And they're free.

I'd recommend doing this, and certainly wouldn't touch NIS again.
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Norton update stopping email

i disagree, im a big fan of norton and as a IT tech ive seen more viruses on systems that have avg on that i dare to count
im not saying norton is flawless but on a whole it is a great program offering good protection and excellent updates, yes it has been know to throw a odd problem up like the outlook one but they are usually quick to admit problems and fix them. i have always found thier support excellent too, but its down to user preference i suppose
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Norton update stopping email


I tend to agree that Norton as an anti-virus product is very good in the detection department, and I would recomend from a personal perspective, for systems that do not need any sort of intensive processing requirment.

Norton AV tends to be a CPU dog on that perspective.

The problem here though is Norton Internet Security, blocking access to systems that there should be no need to.

From what I understandl the current problems with this product is it is blocking access for no known reason, and whilst there is a work around now known, this in theory should not be needed anyhow.

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