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Normal for MaxDSL?


Normal for MaxDSL?

Well I've been maxed for a few weeks now and I can't really complain too much as most of my downloads are scheduled for after midnight (and the all come down ok), but I just wanted to know if these speed test results are the norm or is there something that can be done to improve consistency:

18-09-2006 21:56:24 532
18-09-2006 21:56:03 487.3
18-09-2006 21:34:01 611.6
18-09-2006 21:31:07 637
18-09-2006 21:30:32 634.7
18-09-2006 21:30:08 475.5
16-09-2006 18:13:07 1333.8
16-09-2006 18:12:52 960.9
15-09-2006 15:36:47 2730.5
15-09-2006 15:35:50 3263.3
12-09-2006 20:50:52 781.3
12-09-2006 20:50:33 749.6
12-09-2006 20:50:13 804.6
12-09-2006 18:10:39 4194.6
12-09-2006 18:10:27 4640.5
12-09-2006 18:10:05 3675.2
11-09-2006 22:44:26 3133.1
11-09-2006 22:44:10 3060.1
11-09-2006 22:43:55 3632.8
11-09-2006 17:09:09 544.9

My netgear router (DG834G) is sync'ing consistently at 8128k downstream. I don't seem to experience any disconnections as my router indicated a connection duration of 166 hours (before I reset it tonight as a test).
Other stats are:
ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 8128 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 33 db 9 db
Noise Margin 7 db 18 db

Should I be expecting more?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Normal for MaxDSL?

Hi Chris,

I'd say that it wasn't abnormal rather than saying it was normal. The higher speeds are pretty good, although I've seen a bit higher, whilst the low end speeds are within BT's guidelines of what they consider normal but are near the margin (BT say 400kbps and above is nromal).

I'd suggest trying the BT Speedtest when it's at the slower end:

and see if this give similar speeds, if so then chances are it's contention at the local exchange kicking in.

Normal for MaxDSL?

For the two times I have done a BT speed test recently, both have matched the speed indicated by the Plusnet speed test.

That said, before being moved to max my 2meg link never seemed to suffer from the suggested contention problems, but from what I have read on these forums, that means nothing.

hey ho! As long as I can browse the web it's fine.

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Normal for MaxDSL?

have you tied disconnecting and reconnecting once a day for 3/4 days to enable the BRAS to adjust ?

it worked for me

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Re: Normal for MaxDSL?


Should I be expecting more?

At the same time last night, about 10PM, my web browsing and pings were very poor, I was on the pte-ag2 gateway, moved gateway and the problems were resolved.

PN do not want to suggest this to you as it highlights a problem in their network. Sad

Use this link to find out the gateway you are on

What does say?

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Plusnet Staff
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Re: Normal for MaxDSL?

PN do not want to suggest this to you as it highlights a problem in their network.

If we think it would fix the problem then we would and have suggested it. The BT maintenance a week or so ago put the platform way out of balance and some of the tunnels on the network became quite congested whilst others were pretty quiet. We are now pretty much back in balance but there's still a chance a tunnel or two will be a lot busier than the others.

In Chris' case though I don't think gateway swapping is the answer because the speed results were the same on the BT Speedtest. With the speeds going up to 3 or 4Mbps at times I'd say it was a contention problem rather than a BRAS problem, and one which if it drops much further we should be able to raise as a fault (although with any luck BT's monitoring will have already started flagging it up as underperforming).

Normal for MaxDSL?

Just to answer the questions:
My stable rate is 8000 Kbps (has been since switching to max)
I have been rebooting my modem when I remember (at least once a week).
Today I am on pte-ag1.

My speed tests today (all ran sequentially):

19-09-2006 17:18:51 1419.4
19-09-2006 17:18:33 2535.1
19-09-2006 17:18:20 878.7
19-09-2006 17:18:03 2122.8
19-09-2006 17:17:50 2062.3
19-09-2006 17:17:31 1553.3
19-09-2006 17:17:09 1668.6

A mixed bag really!!

I will run some more BT speed tests when I get the chance in off-peak times to see what I can get.