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Non helpful c/s


Non helpful c/s

I wanted to sign up to plus net on the 27th. My phone line was to be activated by BT into my name on the 29th Sept. I called PN to check that this was ok, and they said that it was... (any problems might cause delay, I was ok with that).

Anyway, all was good. But Oct 5th activation didnt happen. I called them today and they told me that BT rejected the application on the 28th because it wasnt a BT line at the number I gave. However, PN c/s didnt tell me this - nor did their ticket system update to record this problem ("oh, I don't know why the ticket wasnt automatically updated") so basically have been wasting time for the last 5 days. Even better is that my ADSL tracker hasnt been updated. if it screws up this time then I will not be signing up at all!

Even better is that they have taken my activation fee according to the transactions page - even though i havent been activated. what kind of crap is that?

not particularly happy.... PN was good last year - this is not a good start with yourselves, and I don't feel very impressed with some of the comments put here about your service.... wont be recommending you to my friends.

get your c/s up to scratch! what is it with companies and c/s these daysHuh

Plus net backup dialup (still) 48kpbs
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Non helpful c/s

They pay activation in advance, so when they pay you pay.

Non helpful c/s

Its true...its not just ISPs who tend to have a poor CS. In general quite a few firms are pretty poor when it comes to CS.

They really need to invest in that area or they just risk losing alot of its business....PN i suggest you do this too.......

Poor service all round


I have beeen very disappointed with Plusnet so far. It took a week and about 2 hours waiting on the phone every night for that week to get connected via a wireless router/modem.

I was sent a BT modem/router which proved faulty, they promised to send a bag so I could send it back and get a refund and have failed to do so. They take ages to pick up their phones (how many times have I got to listen to bloody Wet Wet Wet?). I cannot believe they would receive the same high Which? rating if they were assessed today

Michael Duncan

Need advice! are plusnet theives?

hey a few weeks ago i got upgrades to the 2MB, but the minute it happened my connection went down. i had no net for nearly three weeks. i called plusnet CS everyday, and i think they thot i was a girl they could mess me about. Plusnet eventually sed my line couldnt hold the 2MB, and sed they had contacted BT.Funny that coz two days later the poor sod i got heard it from me when he had to tell BT about the problem when plusnet sed "they had informed BT". BT eventually called and arranged a time to come and check my line. the line could finally hold the 2MB, but when i sed to plusnet i wanted a refund they sed "we dont compensate for BT's faults", but this isn't a fault with BT, and when i took it up with BT they sed plusnet should have checked before upgrading me that my line could hold the connection in the first place. they are still reluctant to give me a refund robbing.....

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