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No sync for 2 weeks!


No sync for 2 weeks!

I have had no sync light for almost 2 weeks now!

The issue has been raised with BT to the next level as BT have said the initial checks said it was OK.

What is going on? What has changed that my connection is no longer there?

I have been through all the methods requested by PN including a different modem and filter on the master socket. PN are happy I've done enough as they raised the issue with BT.

It's rubbish that PN have to rely on BT to get these things resolved. It makes you realise the whole broadband commercial approach is flawed (reliant on single infrastructure company).

What recourse or leverage has PN got over BT? What about me sitting here with no broadband! What about the money I'm paying for no service?

Can someone at PN get this issue resolved for me? Are BT providing the correct level of support to PN? What is PN doing to ensure BT provide the right level of service?

Will someone take some of the resposibility for these problems? It makes me very angry when I have problems like this and feel the company providing the service doesn't care!
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No sync for 2 weeks!

have you tried a seperate modem or modem/router? I had the same problem for two weeks, bt investigated and nothing was reported wrong, got hold of a new modem today and it syncs/connects fine. Originally it was just a faint hope due to someone mentioning lightning can affect them and the fact it was the one piece of hardware i'd not checked. Took until I had a new one working for my dad to say "ohhh, so do you think the lightning caused it because...". Thanks for telling me that so soon, dad :roll:

But yeah, £4 off ebay, it's worth a shot.

and... "It's rubbish that PN have to rely on BT to get these things resolved" - BT provide the whole infrastructure to allow any internet provider using telephone lines to provide the sevice to operate. The phone lines are there's, the exchange is bt's, likely the hardware in the exchange's are BT's, and all are basically rented out by an internet service provider to provide the service to consumers. Other than installing their own lines and exchanges around the country (eg. cable & wireless digging up half the uk a few years back) then BT are the people that need to fix BT's hardware if BT's hardware goes wrong. PlusNet provide you with the connection, BT provide PlusNet with the ability to do so. PlusNet are the BT customers, if there's a problem with the product then BT are who they complain to, purely because it's BT's product going wrong.

Something like that anyway...
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No sync for 2 weeks!

IIRC as part of the diagnostics you are required to try the modem / router on another line or a different modem / router therefore the OP should have tried this before PN raised it to BT.