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No more activation fees


No more activation fees

You know, it would be easier to refer people if activation fees (aka connection fees) were not charged.

I've been pitching PlusNet to a few people and find it difficult to justify paying the activation charge against other providers.

No more activation fees

PlusNet do provide a method to pay the fee's inclusive of your monthly charge.

This will spread is as £5.50 extra per month.

PlusNets policy has always been to keep charges and policies open. Where most ISPs hide there fees by saying monthly crontract (but require you pay a large cancelation fee in the first 12 months), or high monthly fees.

The idea is, PlusNet show you exactly what you are paying and why.

No more activation fees

Woah hold up? PlusNet DO NOT charge a cancelation fee in the first 12 months? Bargaining point there.

EDIT: And they should start pitching to students as soon as possible if thats the case, as some only need ADSL for 6 months or so in thier shared digs.

No more activation fees

If or not a cancelation charge applies, depends on the account situation.

If within a 12 month contract, then one of two charges can apply.

If activation and/or hardware is not purchased up front, then only an £11.75 (will need to confirm that) will apply to get out of the contract.

This is the differance between the an anual and monthly contract. You will be in effect converting to a monthly one, and then canceling from that point.

If you have purchased hardware or defered activation, then the remaining fees must be paid prior to cancelation.
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No more activation fees

Philip did not say that, if you pay your activation fee via monthly installments, you still have to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel early.

This is clearly stated here:
* This extra £5.50 will apply to your monthly subscription for the first twelve months thereafter the standard monthly charge will apply. If you cancel your account during the first twelve months a cancellation charge of £74.99 will apply.

If you also opted for a modem to be included as well as your activation fee you pay £7.50/month extra. If you cancel early then you have to pay £99.99 cancellation fee.

Again clearly stated here:
* This extra £7.50 is payable for the first 12 months only thereafter the standard monthly charge will apply. If you cancel your account within the first 12 months there is a cancellation fee of £99.99

If you don't purchase hardware and pay your activation fee up-front then the cancellation fee of £11.75 aplies.

As Philip says, PluNet state the fees that apply so are open in stating these.

No more activation fees

surely the main "sales pitch" would run like this...

"yes you have to pay your own activation fee unlike other ISP's but this means you can go on a monthly contract rather than annual which is the norm."

surely people can see the benefit of not being tied in for 12 months??