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No connection since 28 June


No connection since 28 June

I haven't had a connection since 28th June.

Why won't anyone listen to me?

Ticket numbers:



: 19753673

i haven't got time to go through the whole tedious story but the latest lie I given was that I'd be back on deffinately by the 14th July. They are even refusing to give me my MAC code!

This company is the pits.

Do I have to take legal action before they bother to even give me a phone call. Last time I tried to call them call waiting times were in excess of 1 hour!

Does anyone know how easy it is to change broadband suppliers without the MAC code? They won't give it to me unless I pay £47. Never mind the 2 months I have been without any service (I was without a connection for an extended period on another occasion too) they won't take that into consideration!

Surely by now I'm a priority?

-Mr Walsh

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No connection since 28 June

I know how you feel; my connection has been down since the 19 July.

Shouting on the customer forums, although very tempting, and a great stress relief, does not help.

Can I suggest that you send an e-mail to the comms team @

Highlighting your cause.

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No connection since 28 June

You have to start writing letters, real ones by post, this is the start of the official complaints process ... Sad


No connection since 28 June

Hi there.

I have flagged this issue to the Comms Team for their attention.

I hope it is resolved soon.
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No connection since 28 June

I've looked at your account, and the open question is currently in hand with one of the Shift Managers in the CSC so that they can ensure it is resolved for you. All updates will be added onto that question as soon as they are received.

No connection since 28 June

See my post on court case pending. If enough of us do it they will get what they deserve. nil customers. Its cheap and easy to do and if nothing else causes them to listen.
You can claim for the amount of suscription return plus telephone costs to the helpline (from your phone bill) plus costs of using dial up and any losses incurred that you can reasonably prove. Good luck H Duckworth