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No connection after regrade..Again!


No connection after regrade..Again!

My regrade was completed on the 8th September. I had a full 1MB connection and used it all that problems whatsoever.

On the 9th September when I came to use the Internet the connection was dead as a dodo. I rang support and was informed that BT hadn't signed the job off and until they did there was no point in contacting them. I waited and it eventually came back on. I didn't have to reset anything.

The 10th September all was fine. It worked from the beginning to the end. Speeds were good and no signs of any problem. Obviously BT had signed the job off and I had my 1MB connection up and running. Great.

This morning ............*sigh*............No connection. I used PlusNets dial up and read the service announcements. They were having some problems but unrelated to mine because I had had the job signed off and had used the line for a full day previously.

I phoned support today who informed me that it was a BT problem and that it was being reported all over these forums by various posters!!

I can't find one post that is reporting a missing connection. If anybody finds my connection would you please return it to me this instant.

Is anybody else suffering from no connection?


No connection after regrade..Again!

As mentioned above I called support and was told that it was BT who was at fault and I would have to wait until the end of the day.

One post on this forum and my connection is back.

Curiouser and curiouser.



No connection after regrade..Again!

Hi There

The issue is that BT are still working on this problem and hope to have it resolved today, have you got issues with the sync light at all, is it solid or are you seeing that flashing now? Have you tried the test login names to see if you can login with these bt_test@startup_domain password test also password test and let us know via a ticket the results..

As for the fact that it connected just after you spoke to us sadly we are nto able to do anything it is probably just BT working through the orders, I wish we had that button Smiley but we don't.

No connection after regrade..Again!

I'm unsure where and how I would log in using bt_test@startup_domain password test Stewart. I tried at the login box but I was already reconnected so it wasn't a login issue. It was a completely dead connection. No access to the Internet or the world wide web.

The sync light is rock sold as it was when I first tried this morning.

How would I go about carrying out your instructions? Should I wait 'till it happens again and if so how precisely would I go about doing it?

Ahhh......magic buttons. If only!!
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No connection after regrade..Again!

AIUI, You have to temporarily change the setup on your ADSL router (or modem) so it logs in using bt_test@startup_domain password test instead of your usual The instructions on setting that up will have come with your hardware.

This eliminates PlusNet when testing the BT bits.

Then you can try password test. Finally don't forget to put back your password not-telling-you Wink details.

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No connection after regrade..Again!

Yes, you change the settings temporarily in your router or USB modem and you use the details disley has mentioned. This tutorial should help you with using the speedtester service.

matt Wink

No connection after regrade..Again!

Thanks Pete and Matt. I didn't have to any of that because it was sorted and remains so. However, if it does go again I'll know how to do it.

I assume that all this will have to be done using the dial up so that I can access my router page?

I suspect it was a task given to me to keep me occupied!