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No answer from support


No answer from support

If theresn anybody there who still works for Plusnet support - could you maybe answer this ticket thats been ignored for the last 7 days?


3:15pm, Thursday 1st June 2006

Dear Plusnet

I feel Ive been in limbo for long enough with this, we are now substantially past the time frame that your last messages suggested and I would like to know without further delay whether you will be giving me the MAC code.

I have paid the £15 fee to leave so long ago I am almost outside the commitment period. To make matters worse youve started sending me warnings that Im over my allowance when the company I should have been able to to have migrated to weeks ago is offering an unlimited connecttion for the same price as this product.

Its been made pretty clear that Plusnet doesnt want me as a customer, and I dont want to be a Plusnet customer so can we PLEASE come to some resolution to this immensely protracted process.

kind regards

No answer from support

had my MAC code within minutes, maybe they wanted to get rid of me quicker
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No answer from support


I have replied to your question for you, I have assigned the issue to myself so that I can chase this for you and get it resolved ASAP.