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No Wireless Router

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Registered: 02-09-2007

No Wireless Router

I changed my contract around mid June and have still not received my wireless router. Does anybody know if there is a problem with these or has my postman pinched it ?
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No Wireless Router

Did you request one when you changed account type?

For account changes the router is only sent on request, and after you have confirmed payment of the postage and packaging.

Also remember that the router is not `free` but has a deferred charge, so should you leave PlusNet within 12 Months, then you will be billed for it.

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No Wireless Router

Hi there,

You can request a deferred router by raising a ticket, though please be aware you will need to pay the P+P upfront (£5.99). Once a ticket is raised this should be with you within a few days.

For customers changing from an older product to a new Broadband Your Way one, we send out routers when requested, rather than as standard (as they are required to be paid for if you leave within 12 months, and most customers will have hardware already).