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No P2P, restrictive downloads, I don't use the email =


No P2P, restrictive downloads, I don't use the email = moving from Plusnet.

P2P is very restrictive, I had an email last week complaining saying I'd used 60% (or something) of my download allowance and I don't use Plusnet's email as I can't trust it and FTP is very slow at all times.

So after moving 3 relatives to TalkTalk and it going very smoothly I'm as well to pay less and get the same sort of service (except they have good email) and just have one bill.

I think I've referred easily 15 people to PN but haven't had the heart to further refer since all their nonsense emails that got up my nose (from Carol Axe I believe) and I think that 'warning' email last week felt a bit like a telling off where it wasn't needed.

I can't think of any reason to stay so I've requested my MAC.

Big thanks to the excellent Mods and others for helping answer my queries in the past. The Mods here (and gone) are a great asset to PN for sure.

As for Plusnet, they've been an OK company (great at first) but some of their actions (most bizarre is the rantings of Marco Potesta) make me shake my head and wonder just who is running their business. I don't know who's to blame for their past mess (things have calmed down for sure) but I hope they get their act together. Sadly, they have nothing to offer me any longer.

So long and thanks for the fish Smiley