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No Online connection???? Advice please!


No Online connection???? Advice please!

Some advice please if you can

For several weeks now my router (3com 3crwe754g72-a) lights have displayed a regular loss of online connection, the synch light always remains on but i will suffer drop outs of connection. This has happened regularly some mornings afternoons and evenings for maybe a minute or two loss of connection, it seem's to have been becoming more frequent especially in the evenings around midnight and i shrugged this off as contention issues and a wait and see attitude. but today since getting in at 5pm and turning router on i have not been able to get connected at all. The online light regularly blinks 3-4 times in a fast succesion every few minutes but does not get or maintian an online connection, all the while the sync light remians on so therefore adsl is synced.

Is this likely to be a router issue do you think or more a plus net issue. I have had adsl for several years and no problems even after being maxed, until a couple of months back when this started i dont have interleaving on from what i see in router stats would it be worth trying as i dont play games.

No router settings have been changed.
I tried the bt test logins and got a sync but no online light and so no conection page

router stats
data up fast channel 448 kbps
down 3712 kbps

noise margin up 15db down 7db
output power up 10.5db down 20db
attenuation up 20db down 40db

The router stats never change more than 1db or so.

Cant easily get my hands on another router to test unless i visit a shop with credit card so looking for any advice before i do!

Any ideasHuh :?:

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No Online connection???? Advice please!

Just looked at your account.

Your gone through the fault checker and the following was provided.

"All initial checks have been completed without finding any problems. You now need to visit the Broadband Faults Checker and complete a number of detailed checks to progress your fault further. Please make sure you do this within the next 48 hours, otherwise your Question will close and your fault won't be checked anymore."

Noticed your now on Max. but you've been getting these intermittent connections since the 4th September.

Have you gone through the normal checks re: extensions lines etc..


I personally went from IPStream to MAX on a router attached to the end of an internal telephone extension cable and the disconnects and throughput were terrible. Similar disconnects to yourself.

Moving my router to the main master socket and only having 1 filter in the house solved the majority of the issues (replacing wifi for homeplug solved the rest)

I would thoroughly recommend trying the master socket and not using ANY telephone extensions in the home first. Symptons still there then we can look at other areas.