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No Emails for a week - then they start again


No Emails for a week - then they start again

Just thought I'd throw this one out there and see if anyone else has experienced anything similar...

Went on holiday Thursday June 29th. After checking for Emails around 5:00am I switched off the router.
Came back Monday July 10th to find only a handful of Emails for downloading. If that wasn't odd enough (I usually average at least 10 messages a day) there were no Emails received to my account from June 29th right through to Sunday July 9th. Now that is very unusual.
My wife has emails forwarded to work to our domain which is hosted on our PlusNet account and she has had over 80 Emails at work - none, I mean nothing, nada, zilch, of these were received to our home account - a scenario that has worked fine for over 3 years. (My wife's companies ISP is also PlusNet).
Now, since we got back from holiday, Emails are coming through. What is going on there?

I've raised a ticket to enquire if PlusNet can check if any connections were made to my account while I was away, including webmail - that was over 24 hours ago and no reply despite being informed of a 13 hour response time. Nothing new there.

Apart from the obvious suspicion that my password is known, can anyone else think what is going on?

Oh, and if any kind PlusNet techie would like to view my account and see the ticket I've raised I'd appreciate a reply.



Plusnet managed to srew up the email platform.

a mixture of new unstested storage platform.
then a human error trying to reconfigure sotrage server.
which replicated the error to the mirror storage.
mailboxes vanished
contents vanish.

Data with a data recovery specialist, fingers crossed you might get it all back.

o yeah read the service status in help & support.

No Emails for a week - then they start again

I appreciate the quick reply and feel fully chastised at not checking the Help & Support pages Smiley
My only excuse is that things appeared to go pear shaped the day we go on holiday and suddenly all seems ok on our return.

A quick review of what has happened leads to me to think the following has happened...

Emails were being received ok into my home account for most of the time while away, but at the back end of last week PlusNet has shafted a number of mailboxes, possibly mine included, lost a ton of Emails and are trying to get them back. In the meantime, since Sunday new Emails are trickling through ok to accounts, including mine, and we await PlusNet getting the old/losy stuff back.

Does this sound about right?

No Emails for a week - then they start again

Thats about it but some of us lost emails from our folders at the end of the week and these are probably lost. The lost of data on Sunday probably will be retrieved. So are you the former or the latter, keep your fingers crossed.

No Emails for a week - then they start again

Wow, I've just read up on the whole issue and it seems someone will be receiving their P45 at the end of the internal investigation Sad

Two open consoles or not, this is something that should never happen.