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No Connection


No Connection

My broadband connection went down yesterday and I have been unable to get any service since then. I called CS yesterday morning and was told to go through various checks, they then told me it would go on a automatic test and to look back at the ticket in around 2 hours. How can I check a ticket when I have no internet connection. I called CS again this morning after finding no response as promised to the ticket. (checked at work) They told me the automatic test had failed. I now have this response to the ticket:-

woosh test results

Radius Log Check No records found for this user
Determine Algorithm Branch Analysis
Not Service Selection Barring.

xDSL Status Check Analysis

Circuit Information
Circuit In Sync
Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 5.5 dB
Cell Count 226
Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 0 dB
Cell Count 0

Downstream Line Rate 8128
Downstream Line Rate Timestamp 20/05/2006 05:12:44
Maximum Stable Rate Re-set (Y/N) N
Profile Change Time 01/01/1111 00:00:00
Maximum Stable Rate 7392
Fault Threshold Rate 5152
Interleaved Auto

Can anyone tell me what any of that means. Is there a problem on my line, will it ever be sorted or do I just continue shelling out 14.99 a month because I fell generous and have nothing better to do with my money. (as you may have gathered this is not my 1st encounter with plusnet's lack of customer support. I have just moved house and organised a simultaniuos reprovide between BT and Plusnet, giving them almost 10 weeks notice and they managed to deliver 13 days late after promising me 24 hours prior to the move that everything was scheduled to go ahead as planned.)

No Connection

so from that I gather the line is syncd to the exchange.. but not letting you log onto the ISP or give you an IP address?

No Connection

Is that a BT or Plusnet problemHuh?Huh

No Connection

try connecting your modem/router to speedtest@speedtest_domain and leave the password field blank, instead of using your plusnet login. If you can access or once connected to the BT login it suggests a problem with plusnet, or at least, a problem between BT and plusnet.

No Connection

I doubt this will help, but who knows.
When I lost my connection recently I could not get it back for over a day even though the DSL connection page on my router said all was well.
Now I don't usally muck about in there much cos I don't really understand what it all means. But there are four pages under the heading of Status, one of them is "Gateway", and it lists a whole lot of numbers and has two buttons, "connect" and "disconnect". The disconnect button was greyed out so I clicked on the connect button and the connection came back up.
How or why, I don't know, but it worked so that was enough for me,

Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway WAG354G

Local Network
DSL Connection

No Connection

Once again the broadband connection has disappeared. I went home last night with the intention of connecting to my work servers to get some work done at home, low and behold the connection was down again. This then meant a 60 mile round trip and another 2 hours in the car to go back in to the office to complete my work.

Is there any way to get out of my contract with plus net?

Are they in breach of contract for not supplying the services they are contracted to do?

This is the 3rd time my connection has gone down in the last 30 days. I now have more down time than up time. They keep blaming the BT line to my house. This should not be the case as the house and line are only 30 days old.