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No Connection


No Connection

I have been with Plusnet since 2003 when the local exchange became broadband enabled. Up until 2 or 3 months ago I had no problems and little, if any, contact with customer services. Recently, like many on this forum, I have had numerous problems with the service being provided. I almost asked for my MAC code last month as I was losing confidence with PlusNet’s management & infrastructure. However I was lucky enough to be converted to MaxDSL on 19 April and thought I would give it more time. I am on Premier Option 1 and once initial problems were overcome I am now getting speeds ranging from 6.5MB down to 2MB at peak time.

Yesterday I switched my computer (and router) on to find that I had no connection. My Netgear DG834G router states that ‘LCP Allowed to come up’ but there is no authentication. I do have synch with the exchange at my normal connection speed of 8128/448.

I telephoned customer services at about 6.30am and was held in a queue for about 15/20 minutes before getting a reply. Tests were run whilst I was on the phone and I was told that various automated tests would be carried out before it was passed on. I see from the Open Question (ID: 19398577) that my initial call is timed at 6.47am yesterday with the final comment at 7.02am that it has been escalated to the correct team for review as the result of the tests ‘indicate that the fault may be caused by a problem with our systems’.

I added further information at 4.44pm yesterday but no further action has yet been taken by CS. I assume that the fault will have to be passed to BT but is it too much to ask for such a ticket to be looked at and passed on to BT within 2 working days? I understand that CS are very busy at the moment but I would have thought such basic problems as ‘no connection’ would have been dealt with as a priority.

I know the target time for such faults is 7 working days but it is so frustrating to have to use dial up and see no action being taken in the last 2 days. All I ask is for a service which just works – is that too much ?