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No Connection to PlusNet for 12 days after ADSL Upgrade


No Connection to PlusNet for 12 days after ADSL Upgrade

We took the upgrade from BizLite to ADSL PAYG with hardware supply by PlusNet. As I was concerned about losing connectivity during the upgrade, I asked PlusNet whether the 0808 number would be disconnected as soon as ADSL was activated. They said it would, but I would have the ADSL modem by then, so I would not lose connectivity.

ADSL was activated on 5th October, but without a modem being dispatched. I raised this with PlusNet who apologised, and said the invoice date would be moved to account for this. This didn't help, since we had no connectivity as the 0808 number was disconnected.

The modem was not delivered, and on 7th Oct, I found out from the Royal Mail that it had been sent to an incomplete address. This address was created using the postcode finder, which had replicated the village name, and lost the building name. Again I contacted PlusNet on 7th Oct. No response until 12th Oct, when it was marked 'Internal Transfer'. Finally we got a response on 13th Oct (6 day response), saying it was my fault for not checking the address, and they would charge me £5.99 for the privilege of resending it with the correct address.

I immediately responded, saying I felt they should review this charge, but we would pay it under sufferance if that was the way to get it resolved.

Since the 13th Oct, there has been another 'Internal Transfer' note on 15th Oct, but still no resolution.

This is an appaling quality of service on a business account. Maybe one of the PlusNet reps would like to look at this (account name Beran), and make something happen. We have now been without PlusNet connectivity from 5th to 17 Oct, and still counting...