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No Connection for 2 Weeks!! PLEASE HELP


No Connection for 2 Weeks!! PLEASE HELP

My connection has been down for over two weeks now. Despite me making continual phone calls, and updates to my ticket(s) The fault that has finally been identified at the exchange, is taking far too long to resolve.
This is a last ditch attempt by me to get a human being to pro-actively help.
Any Plusnet staff please get this fixed ASAP as I have run out of other ideas.

Ticket ref: 19732637
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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No Connection for 2 Weeks!! PLEASE HELP


I'm sorry that this is taking so long to resolve. Looking at the fault as you say the cause has been identified as a problem at the exchange. A BT Openreach engineer has been tasked to work on the problem unfortuantely there is little we can actually do until the engineer reports back. There's no note showing as to exactly what the problem is at the exchange so it could be a big job to fix whatever's wrong.

Sometimes these things do take a while because it's not always something simple. In the past I've seen delays because the exchange is inaccessible due to asbestos or planning permission or digging is required to get at the duct or cabling where the fault is. Don't know if any of these apply here, they are usually rare, but not unknown.

No Connection for 2 Weeks!! PLEASE HELP

I'm sure that Nick appreciates your prompt reply to his first post, however some of us are not so fortunate.
I've had no connection for 3 weeks but unlike Nick I still haven't received identification of the fault or any sign that it is being looked at.
I notice Nick had included his ticket number at the end of his post, maybe this is where I've been going wrong. It would at least raise my spirits slightly if I could see that someone was taking an interest in my connection.

Ticket ref: 19767004


P.S. Good luck NIck.