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No Connection, No Support, Tiscali LLUed


No Connection, No Support, Tiscali LLUed

Dear PN,

Frustrated customer 100,001. I've spent days and fortunes trying to get through on the telephone and no replies to fault reporting.

No broadband now for 2 weeks. No nothing..Sigh..I give up.... Cry (:~~~ - (

Yours wearily,

Support answer!

As I was writing the above I was holding on the phone and did finally get a reply after the dreaded 1 hour waiting on the phone (maybe 3/4 hour in the end)! I actually spoke to someone hooray!

Apparently my fault got stuck in the automated faults system and somehow was not able to break out of it and finish/carry out the checks...grrr! So you still need people! Apparently now it has been escalated to the Faults team - I thought they were dealing with it already....wait and see...another 49hrs....

How this could have happenedHuh

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No Connection, No Support, Tiscali LLUed

And me, I was quite annoyed as if I hadn't rung, how long would it have remained in the automated system for?

Haemorrhaging money

Hi chaps!

Fault raised on ticket 19982666 to your suppliers to await an answer back in 5 days...obviously still waiting. In the meantime we're still losing £200 a day in wages (1 week running now so that's £1000) by not being able to access emails.

I'm afraid that although you PN maybe doing all you can to raise the fault, I have no faith that your suppliers will actually be doing anything yet to look into the fault given the previous event above and as I am too well versed with all the postings in this forum.

Would it be possible to check the ticket please and to see if your suppliers are actually doing anything as yet?

Best Regards,