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I've just been regraded to MAXdsl and everything was fine for the 1st week, although I've had over 300 reconnects since the first day MAXdsl was enabled.

Since Friday evening I've been unable to use my newsgroups. I've contacted my provider and there is nothing wrong at my end or their end.

What actually happens is that every time I try to connect it takes an age authinticating and connecting to server after it does I get a download speed of arounf 0.9kbps. I've also done a speedtest and I'm getting a connection of roughly 932kbps but my router actually shows 2272 kbps.

I've tried to get through to CS but on average I'm having to wait around 50mins and Im just not perpared to do that.

This is now 14 days since MAXdsl has been enabled and tbh I'm at the end of my tether with this.