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New user -low sync - good SNR?


New user -low sync - good SNR?


I've just moved houce and joined Plusnet from Freedom2Surf. I'm on option 2.

Over the last 3 days I've only sync'd at 576K, with a pretty consistent 450-480K throughput.

My SNR margin is currently 27 and attenuation is 44.

According to Samknows I'm 2.68km from the exchange (staright line).

Any ideas as to why I synch so low? I would have expected 2-4MB or thereabouts. The SNR is of course good, though the attenuation is a little high.

The house unfortunately doesn't have a faceplate for me to do a direct connection, but the attenuation stay the same when I connect at the BT box.

Do I just need to wait a few more days?

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New user -low sync - good SNR?

Hi Keith,

You're actually on a fixed home500 product. If you would like me to, I can upgrade you to the Max service and if that order is placed today, you should start to see higher speeds on Monday.