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New products - Don't want spd upgrade, no option


New products - Don't want spd upgrade, no option

+ point of announcement - Peak time going back to 4pm to midnight.

-ve points of new plans.

I am current on up to 8mb Premier. Which is basically a 60 GB allowance during peak times. With the 8 am to midnight peak time, i got over this quite frequently.

With new plan, my peak time clean allowance is a 3rd of what it was before being managed.

My allowance during 4pm to midnight, is generally 500 to 1GB a night. And none of that is what most people consider P2P traffic.

Here is what causes me the problem with the new peak time size allowance, and it will affect me a lot.

a) My wife uses PPstream, PPlive, SOPcast, etc to be able to watch TV programs from china live, as she is chinese, it at least helps alleviate her homesickness a bit. Yes they are based upon P2P networks for distribution, but are valid and legal applications.

b) I use these on occasion to watch live football matches, as where I rent I am not able to get Sky/NTL ( landlord issues ).

c) I play games heavily during these times, so obviously wouldn't want P2P downloading going on to keep latency low.

d) Several online games I do play, now use bitorrent etc, to distribute their weekly patches, fixes and updates. With the new products, if I accidentally end up with all P2P traffic blocked, it ends up resulting in being unable to patch games, and therefore you can't log on or play.

I do feel 39.99 a month, should have a higher clean allowance than that which is being advertised with the new products. My general usage during peak times, for past 3 months, as been 25 to 32 GB, due to the stuff mentioned above. Which means basically, for 1/3 of everymonth, i am going to be severly restricted in what I can use and do ?

Also it is not clear in how out of peak traffic counts towards this ? I have a lot of traffic during this time for mysql databases that I work on, and upload / download from work overnight. Sometimes have to do the same during the day. P2P is scheduled to run midnight to noon. And have seen my traffic during this time frame reach 60 to 80 GB a month.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to be able to manage with the new products, please let me know in a PM. Thanks