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New account on PAYG


New account on PAYG


I was recommended to PN by my Son a while ago who has had great service and very few outages (until MAX came along but, that's another post Sad )
I purchased a Linksys WAG354G from the PN shop because I have a Powerbook and wanted wireless capability.
I have not been able to get a connection at all. The DSL LED is lit so I must have a sync with the exchange but the internet LED is not lit. I have checked my username and PW and tried the BT test logins as well. I have created a ticket on the system ID: 19396955 . Everyday during the day I try the support line to see if I can get through and speak to somebody, no such luck. It would seem that the MAX upgrades have completely swamped the help desk and so I can't get through. BTW the message says that the MAX upgrades have led to 'Customer Confusion', I think that's damn rude and patronising and should be changed. PN should have managed the perceptions better.

It really is not good enough, I'm completely hacked off about this and this has cost me money, time effort etc and is still not resolved.

I'm hoping that some support person will see this post and find out what's going on.

New account on PAYG

I addition PN ask us to check the CS statistics in the Service Status page to see what waiting times etc to expect before calling.
Call statistics
Average call waiting
8 minutes and 54 seconds
Last updated: May 18, 2006, 8:15 am

Hmm, wish I'd called yesterday morning at 8.15 - might have got through then.

(Have raised a ticket on this one - they are aware of the issue)

I'm told that 7.00 - 8.00 is the quietest time to call, but, if they know when its quiet, and when its busy, why can't the shift patterns be better managed to ensure that we can all get through when we need to (at least the majority of the time) rather than cut off the majority of the time, and only getting through occasionaly?