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New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...


New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...

FTP traffic still reporting as Peer to peer, citrix still nigh on unuseable, peer to peer still reporting port blocking/firewalled even off peak. Speeds still lousy.

We have done what plus asked, supplied the info requested, reduced our data usage and given endless updates.

Plus have so far not bothered to do much apart from ignore our call until we shout and then ignore us as soon as we stop shouting.

Ticket has now been open sice mid-September without solution or much interest.

I'm not really expecting any actionm from plus, they are clearly happy taking the money and avoiding dealing with real problems until you get frustrated and move - loousy long term business model but pretty standard for a dodgy ISP looking to shaft it's loyal ciustomers for cash before bailing which I am sad to say plus net appears to have become this last 12 months.

I'll add apologies to those like James and Mand who do seem to care about us little people BUT sorry guys you are in a minority of Plus staff who care and as soon as you lose focus on an issue it stops moving again.

As this is community support can anyone tell me how they have got on with the ISP arbitration service?

I'd like to know what sort of info that is needed (apart from 'everything') and whether it is a worthwhile route to take or is it just a tool for ISPs to avoid responsibility and customer service?

Re: New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...

If you use citrix put it in a tunnel. This will help massivly. Pritty much the same with all isp. They hit on vnc / rdp ports as well.

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New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...

That would certainly fit our experiences although it is odd that an ISP selling accounts for business usage should be so agressively blocking business protocols.
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New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...

The whole Citrix side of things isn't intentional. It's part of a known problem.

New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...


Thankyou - no-one had bothered to share that rather vital tidbit of information with me over the long long course of my open ticket.

What prevented one of your colleagues from telling us that it was an ongoing issue that was being worked on?

It would have saved me a lot of stress and hassle if I'd known that.

This is why I find myself increasingly turning the air bluie when talking about or to Plus - the attitude that, like a mushroom, the customer should be fed excrement and kept in the dark. It's a pathetic attitude that does your company no credit.

Any rough eta on a fix yet or is it a 'watch this space' type problem?
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New Year, Same old ticket still not solved...

Hi there,

As discussed, I have asked the networks guys to look into this for you ASAP, I think we would all agree that the issue has gone on for too long and needs sorting once and for all.