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New T&C: Migration and Deferred Activation


New T&C: Migration and Deferred Activation

I have been using Broadband PAYG 2Mb (monthly contract) for just over a month now and took advantage of the one-off set up charge of £11.75 for a monthly contract (

'You can choose an annual or monthly contract when you choose broadband. If you choose the monthly contract option in conjunction with this offer there is a one-off charge of £11.75.'

Following, the changes in T&Cs I am looking to migrate to Freedom 2 Surf. However, in my 'Account Summary' from 'Account Details' in the member centre, I have an entry under product called 'Defered Activation'. Under cost for this it says '£58.75 (upon cancellation)'. Order status for this is 'Activated'.

I am unsure if I would be liable for this £58.75 if I were to migrate due to the changes in T&Cs, as I have already paid the 'one-off' £11.75 and it is PlusNet whom have changed the T&C. Surely, as PlusNet have changed the T&C for my existing monthly contract, I would no longer be contractually obliged to pay this £58.75, if I even was at all?

I haven't yet raised a ticket as I don't want to find myself suddenly liable for £58.75. Surley I shouldn't be liable for any costs on behalf of PlusNet making changes to the T&Cs regarding my monthly contract?

If anyone else has been in the same situation and has not been charged this your reply would be welcome. Anyone have any ideas if I would be charged this, as I only have until Friday 16th before the new T&C are in effect?

Your replies are greatly welcomed in advance Smiley

New T&C: Migration and Deferred Activation

The £58.75 is the deferred activation and you would be liable for it. The £11.75 is to have a monthly contract instead of an annual contract.

New T&C: Migration and Deferred Activation

I had to pay £58.75 as an ADSL Initial Charge when I signed up!

But now you pay it if you want to leave early ....... fair enough. It drops if you stay for a longer period.

I'd prefer not to pay it at all, but them's the breaks!
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New T&C: Migration and Deferred Activation

Several threads on this Forum and ADSL Guide Forum, concerning this sort of thing.

Some punters are paying up and going quietly. Others are holding out, seeking advice (Legal / Trading Standards, C.A.B. etc)etc.

Just have a nose around the Forums, your sure to find them.

You could always form a "Self Help" Group.