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New Modem needs Setup


New Modem needs Setup

hello all i currently have a Belikin wifi router modem but it keepd dropping the line, about 5 times between 5pm and midnight. so i have all new filters and now have a new modem. problem is i cant get it setup!!!
it is a

USB Westell 36R305

i have installed the disc and it is all picked up ok, the light says connected and it gives me the correct connection speeds but it will not give me any net coverage. i have set up a broadband connection that reqs password, input my details and password but it just says error connecting every time. it will only give me 1 option under the PPP setting and it is not the one that +net says it needs. HELP!!!!

New Modem needs Setup

Whats the error message when you try and connect ?

New Modem needs Setup

it depends really.

i dont really know how to set it up. i mean i plug it in and plug line in the flashing light stops flashing and the readyy light is on. the icon in the tray goes green and it says connected and it shows a speed.

I have not put in credentials so it can nopt be connected. i try to set up a new connection and put in the user with my pass word click on connect and it gives the old retry cancel et6c. crappy msg
there are very few (like 2) options for configuring!

i need help Sad
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New Modem needs Setup

have you checked to make sure its using the correct device to connect with
IE you new usb modem?

assuming your on windows xp go into your network connections and right click on your intenet connection icon

in general it should say

connect using.. and in the box should be your usb modem

if not click cancel then use the make new connection wizard and setup a new dialup connection using 0,38 as the phone number and put your credentials in when asked

this should make a new working connection for you

hope this helps

New Modem needs Setup

your the man! it works fine, cheers.

Now all i gotta see is if it loses sync through the night like the belkin did 5 times a day!!!

cheers mate Smiley Tongue