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New Lite User 4 £8.99


New Lite User 4 £8.99

I have just had the email through about lite user going to £8.99, but we will get the free - for which you have just charged me £52 and extra hours i think. Is the 20 hours, the maximum fair usage or the normal housr and 40 hours fair usage.

Jim Bray

p.s. it's amazing how you can suddenly fit a free doimain in for £2 per month plus the extra hours when i had to pay over £4 per month

RE: New Lite User 4 £8.99

Good Evening,

The only difference to the account is the free domain has been extended from the other Connect accounts to the Connect Lite.

There is no difference to the amount of online hours you get.

Regarding the domain, the reason you had to pay for your domain was noted on your account previously.

Kind Regards

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