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New Level of Stupidity


New Level of Stupidity

After nearly a month of lines go up and line goes down I finally get BT to fix my line. Plus net were more than useless to the point I arranged the BT engineer. So now comes the hard part claiming back some money from plus net for lack of service after being stonewalled in both the tickets and phone calls I made one last attempt.

I spoke to someone on a Sunday morning who listened and finally admitted that Plus Net hadn't done a very good job. He agreeded to refund me 21.99.

This was showing on the member centre as a chq payment. Since I'll be leaving before my next bill date I also cancelled my DD as sorry plus net but I don't trust you.

I am now amazed to discover plus net are once again looking for 21.99. So I raise a ticket which incidentally takes 2 days to get answered to be told we can't find a record of a refund.

But wait a minute I saw it!!!!!!!!!!

Well plus net if you can't find a record of a refund I'll tell you what you can find!!

You can find out who accessed my account on 25/6/06 am and then go and speak to them. You will have this info as you are required to log who accesses my details under the DPA.

Then you can go and apply the credit to my account as you promised.

I really am sick and fed up and think you are without a doubt the worst service based company I have ever had this misfortune of dealing with. I have also told all of my friends and colleagues within the IT community how bad you are. Everything time that I have to deal with you turns into a right drama and is never straightforward. Looking in my mail acc I have over 300 emails from yourselves in just over a year!!!

Why can't you just get things right or would that be too much to ask.