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New ID ,, thanks


New ID ,, thanks

Cheesy Hi its me back, with a new name ( its like one of them police protection, new ID films, you know ,,, the Goodfellows!

Cheesy Thanks to Adam and Annette , it wasnt too painfull , thanx guys!

You have restored some of the faith I had in you all, but beware,,, I can bite if it all goes belly up again :twisted:

Spam free And like a newborn baby (dribble, oops).

Thanks again from, the artist formally known as Prince,, eh I mean knightclan63
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New ID ,, thanks

Glad to hear that it was switched quickly for you.

Will pass on your thanks to those agents involved.


New ID ,, thanks

Thanks to Chris for sorting out my details WHen my account was swapped, which I was unable to Smiley

aHH things are getting Better, a new day !

Oh I Am 1 day old ahh Bless... Wink
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New ID ,, thanks

May I just enquire how it was possible for Knightclan63 to get a new ID?

I have been suggesting this is the only solution to rid oneself of SPAM since the very beginning.

I know we are told this is being looked into and will be made available but I am just intrigued to know how one member obtained a new ID and not anyone else (as far as I know anyway).

I'm off to Cuba on Wednesday so I hope when I return I'll be able to change my ID. Not looking forward to the bucketloads of SPAM I'll be receiving whilst I'm away though.
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New ID ,, thanks

It is currently possible to change customers usernames however it takes in excess of 30 minutes work per account change.

It is not currently possible to make the changes to a large number of accounts due to the resource required to do this.

We are investigating ways to make this process easier and ensure that we can do this for all the customers who require the username change.

As soon as this is possible an annoucement will be made advising of the new process.