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New DSLMax line - CRC errors, drops...


New DSLMax line - CRC errors, drops...


This all may be perfectly normal of course, but I post for guidance regardless.

I got my ADSLMax line installed yesterday. I moved house. The previous line was "normal" ADSL and was very stable. I am using the same router.

Connectivity with the new line is fine, but I am getting drops/re-trains every so often. I am also getting a LOT of CRC errors, for example:

ADSL Link Speed 3584 kbps 448 kbps
SNR 3.0 dB 0.0 dB
ATEN 40 dB 24 dB
Line Error ADSL layer FEC 0 0
CRC 2416 0
ATM layer HEC 649 0

The first number is down, the second is up.

That CRC number will increase constantly until a re-train occurs, then it just starts again.

Is this normal, and does anyone have any advice?

IMPORTANT NOTE: One telephone device on this line does NOT have a microfilter installed yet. Why? It's behind a fridge unit so will be sorted tonight. Could this be causing the interference? (I thought this was usually the other way round...)

Thanks in advance.

New DSLMax line - CRC errors, drops...

Bumping to see if anyone has any advice Smiley


are you plugged into the BT master socket using a filter?

that snr is a bit pants..

attn not to bad...

i would suggest trying it directly from the socket behind the master face plate. this will rule out dodgy extentison wiring and stuff.

yeah its wise to filter each phone, or put a master Filter face plate on the master BT box.

New DSLMax line - CRC errors, drops...

Remove the unfiltered device asap. Your SNR will improve and you'll likely get a better connection quickly.

New DSLMax line - CRC errors, drops...

All devices MUST have a filter.

I'm suprised that you don't get disconnects when you use the unfiltered phone. You may also hear interference on the line when using that phone.

Above all if you want things to improve, unplug it.

New DSLMax line - CRC errors, drops...

I've posted a new thread which has the latest on this situation.

Essentially, getting the final socket filtered and/or unplugged has made no SNR difference, and I can't actually find the master socket on this property.