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New Connection -£14.99 to correct

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Registered: 05-08-2007

New Connection -£14.99 to correct

Hope someone can help me with this.

I have just had my broadband connected but it is only at 1Mb.
The BT Availability checker shows a 1mb conection but all my neighbours numbers show 2mb.
I am less than a mile from the exchange and my line stats are ATT 20 and SRN 40 which I understand should enable me to get 2mb.

Plusnet now want an extra 14.99 for me to be "upgraded" to 2mb.

I dont agree with this but can anyone advise if this is normal or should I complain.


New Connection -£14.99 to correct

BT go by the checker. BT screwed up but will still charge plusnet to upgrade u

If u can wait about a month when Maxdsl comes out u could pay £15 and get up 2 8mbit.

Or you could try force plus into waiving the fee and go for 2mbit. then wait several months for 8mbit which will be the standard from april sometime