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New Account Probs


New Account Probs

I am posting this on behalf of another user who seems to have no posting rights.

U/N anangel

Customer signed up to Small Business 512. Payment for activation was taken on 5 May. Order tracker shows awaiting submission to BT. Ticket 16490748 refers

This order has not been submitted yet. 48 hours after payment was made and this is still not showing on BT's eCO system.

Has somebody forgotten to do somthing or is there a problem.

The client also raised a ticket about this which has also gone unanswered.

He is less than impressed.
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New Account Probs

Hello there,

I have updated your client's ticket.

Apologies for the delay in our response, there is quite a large amount of tickets in the pool at the moment.

New Account Probs

Many thanks Ben.

Update appreciated.