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New ADSL install - In the dark


New ADSL install - In the dark

I was notified that my ADSL line was active on March 29th, and duely installed a new ADSL router. It wouldn't work and, after going through all the usuall checks with PlusNet support, it was passed to BT as a fault.

Since then I've been able to get little info from PlusNet, and misleading info from BT. The ticket (11188012) only get updated to say there's no progress.

I rang PlusNet on Tuesday, and spoke to someone really unhelpful (this was disappointing, having spoken to someone who was VERY helpful the week before, and more in keeping with the service I've had from PlusNet in the past with other accounts), who basically said that they couldn't give me any more info than on the ticket and that they couldn't provide any idea on how long it should take to sort out, despite having been billed for the install AND first months subscription some 10 days ago - wthout any working service!!!!

PluNet say that there is a DACS on the line. Surely this should have been picked up BEFORE the install. BT have been on the phone to say there's no fault, and that it must be a modem fault.

I know a DACS can be a problem, and take time to resolve, but a) why wasn't it picked up before the install, b) why are BT saying something else and c) surely it must be possible for PlusNet to get an update from BT since there's been nothing for a week.
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New ADSL install - In the dark


This is a weird one certainly... BT have identified that there is DACS on your line following the fault we raised, however they did not have this on their records as a DACS line originally. We, as an ISP have no way of seeing anything like this ourselves and in a case like this we can only wait on BT to resolve the issue. The problem we have is that your order has been moved from the BT faults team, back to the provisioning team, because BT should not have installed ADSL on your line until the DACS was removed. Obviously you won't have to pay for any of the time when you have been unable to use the service, although we can't credit you back until BT have told us what they intend to do.

As far as I can see from the limited information BT Wholesale have been able to provide, the line is still undergoing a survey and BT haven't yet decided how the DACS unit will be replaced. They have already stated that we won't be able to give us any more information about this until Tuesday at the earliest. I can only offer you my apologies for what has happened here and extend my hope that BT will be able to find a way to replace the DACS. In about 5 - 10% of cases where lines have DACS there is no alternative and BT eventually reject the ADSL orders outright.


New ADSL install - In the dark

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the prompt reply. If, in the worst case, BT can't provide an ADSL line, what do I do about the ADSL modem that's been bought for the service? I thought the whole point of recommending that someone didn't purchasing a modem until the AFTER the line was enabled was to avoid such a situation.

I realise that this is somewhat outside PlusNet's control, but that doesn't really help me, and it may result in out of pocket expenses.

Best regards, Neil

New ADSL install - In the dark

I am a Relatively new customer with PlusNet, and i have had simialr problems.
I have had nothing but impartial advice from plusnet and there so called technical experts , who in reality are call loggers who have a little interst in IT.

After pushing to speak to somebody senior regarding my many issues with this company , it was only at this point i made progress. You should have good quality Technical supprt on tap, with plus net support you get a different answer to the same question from each technical support person. why is that?? its becuase they do not supply quality training to there staff, hence when you try to set up your ADSL connection its not there fault but BT, or Binatone etc.

My Advice is if your not happy have a refund, or failing that let them take ownership of you problem and look after you as a customer instead of trying to fob you off.

I have to say that this companys customer service / support is the poorest i have none fromm any company

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New ADSL install - In the dark

Hi Neil,

Most of the time the DACS is removed prior to the ADSL installation, sometimes this causes a delay in activating the service. Looking at your order for some reason the record was missing from BT's database that the DACS was there.
What I can say is that if the application does get rejected in the end we will refund your activation fee and the monthly charge you've already paid us. You might also want to speak to your hardware supplier to see if they have a policy in this situation.