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Network Query Tools


Network Query Tools

Hi guys and gals,

Just thinking aloud really, but I was wandering what happened to the 'Network Query Tools' on the old Wiggum monitor page.

It seems that when the speed test was moved to the new 'Connection Settings' box, that this was one of the utilities that was omitted.

I'm sure that there were sound reasons behind this (there were weren't there?), but it would would seem to me that it wouldn't be too hard to include these very useful tools somewhere on the now old'ish portal.

What about all this blank space on the right hand side of the screen, couldn't a frame be added that would incorporate the tools?

As I said, just thinking aloud, maybe I'm just not that familiar with the portal and it already exists in some dark danky recesss (if such things exist at +Net), in which case I'm sure someone will be quick to slap me in place :lol: .

In the meantime is it still ok to use the Wiggum monitor .


B4 I sign off, I would just like to say many many thanks to the peeps at +Net for a great value ADSL service (I hope grovelling works) Cheesy
Cheesy Cheesy

Network Query Tools

This blankish space on the right isn't used because most of the tables are fixed width.

Many people still use 800*600 screen resoulution. This blank space aloows for the fixed width tables to fit snugly.

If you wish to use the tools, then visit
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Network Query Tools

Hi there,

These tools can be found at, linked off the monitor page as far as I can tell.