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+Net watch how you describe your products


+Net watch how you describe your products

On the homepage.


Features include

Up to 8Mb speeds as standard
Fixed cost payments
Suitable for surfing, email and gaming
No fixed download limits

No fixed download limits, as long as you dont use ftp. Everything I do is limited accept WEB ACCESS. Only half an hour ago I posted that it was once again working okay and was maybe a problem but now gone again...

I think as many people as possible should save a copy of the homepage and plusnet should indeed give us the package they advertise.

and can someone explain why ftp traffic is classified as Non-time critical traffic.

The way i use ftp requires a little interaction and this is just not possible with your current limited to 30bytes an hour.
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+Net watch how you describe your products

Because you can queue it up and leave it running in the background while doing something else (like browsing web pages).
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+Net watch how you describe your products

No good for editing files to put back,

I know I will queue them up, leave my computer on all night so that it finishes. Do the edits first thing in the morning.

Queue everything up to upload back. Those file edits which I could do in a few minutes has now taken 24hrs..

Am exagerating but you should not see my point.

As from a previous post I did a backup of one of my servers which came to just under 1gig. I finished up tarballing the file and downloading via http because the ftp service now offered by +net is to be honest crap.
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+Net watch how you describe your products

Am exagerating but you should not see my point.

Well please don't. If you have a legitimate problem with FTP please state exactly what it is and how long things are taking if you want any help from the forum community.